Festivals & Excursions

We also organize a great variety of programmes:

  • Boat trips to Island (4 - 15 EUR)
  • Bus excursion to many beautiful place in Montenegro (10 – 20 EUR)
  • Rafting on the river Tara (30 – 100 EUR)
  • Variety sports activities and cultural visits
  • Bus transfer to many beautiful beach near Kotor… (3 – 15 EUR)
  • Rent a car, rent a bike

The faithful devotees to culture, as well as the organizers of the manifestations in the open, have been trying for years to bring to Kotor as many tourists and guests, who are more than thrilled with numerous happenings, like traditional Kotor manifestations are: carnivals, masked balls, fisherman’s or religious fiestas, numerous cultural events intended for all generations. If those are the reasons for your visit to Kotor, than quickly and easily, at one place, and in one town, you will fell the cheeriness, good mood and you will fill your senses with positive energy.

People from Kotor will agree in the notion that the calendar year in their town stars with positive vibrations, contributing in such way that all following days in Kotor are spent in joy and celebration.

Day of Sveti Tripun (St. Tripun)

The festivities on the occasion of the day of Sveti Tripun (St. Tripun) – a recently renewed tradition, which originates from the IX century. The festivities in the glory of the protector of the town, Sveti Tripun, start at the beginning of January, and they end in the first days of February. On the location in front of the old Kotor Cathedral of Sveti Tripun, Boka Navy first dances a folk circle, then it is followed by a mass, and a procession through the town. The festivities are followed by the review of church choirs, city music, and dances of the folklore ensembles. The believers and those who respect the cult of Sveti Tripun can bow to the relics that are kept and preserved in the Cathedral that carries the name of Sveti Tripun.

Kotor carnival

Kotor carnival – is held in February. The tradition of organizing of carnival fiestas was interrupted in the period of the WW II. The organization of the carnivals again began in 1960’s and it lasts until nowadays. Carnival fiesta and the entertainment in Kotor are originally called "FESTANJE" (CELEBRATION). Months before the carnival original masks are being sown. As the mask is a parody to reality masks are more and more interesting from year to year. Except the carnival, we have the happenings on the Kotor’s Riva, streets, squares, hotels which include mask balls for children and adults, with the tasting of the specialties of the Kotor cuisine, music concerts and theater plays. Traditional Kotor carnival fiestas are the greatest entertainment manifestation in Montenegro. Kotor carnival is visited by several thousands of people. Except the carnival troupes from Kotor and other coastal towns of Montenegro, Kotor carnival receives many carnival groups from Europe and the world.

Camellia’s days

Camellia’s days – manifestation, for which hardworking Kotor’s housewives and flower growers from Boka Kotorska prepare themselves over the entire year. That manifestation is held in March. In the honor of a beautiful flower, camellia, which during the spring decorates all Kotor gardens, exhibitions of flowers are being held, art exhibitions, theater plays and many other things. Still, the most significant thing to point out is the "Camellia’s ball" and the selection of the Lady of camellia. Usually that is some famous female personality, whom the social engagement, and sacrifice and the achievements in the previous year make a candidate for the title of the "Lady of Camellia". On that inspection a great number of cultural employees, people who respect flowers and camellia growers gather.

Festival of the underwater movie

Festival of the underwater movie – for several years in Kotor during June, there is an introspection of the movies which were made to promote the richness of the sea aquatorium of Montenegro, and also to depict through the screen the underwater of Montenegro and the allures of diving and research of the sea bottom. Except the movies from Montenegro at the introspection you can see movies about the underwater from the countries from the surrounding and also from some European countries.

Kotor’ summer fiestas

Kotor’ summer fiestas – take place during July. For the funs of god sound, classic and spiritual music, chamber and instrumental music, the most interesting festivity is KOTOR PRO ARTE. That manifestation is marked by the concerts that are usually held in Kotor churches, and concert halls. The devotees of culture are given the possibility to hear many concerts of great world music creators. The halls for concert music in Kotor, on those days, are filled with the sounds of music which used to be performed in the European courts.

Child’s festival

Child’s festival – that manifestation is held at the beginning of July. It is dedicated to children, to the love we have for them, and their wishes. All those feelings are demonstrated by children’s authors, poets, play directors and others who magnify child with their work. On the improvised stages, on the squares of Old town in Kotor, for days we have a succession of children – actors and adult actors who are preparing the plays for children. The verses and the stories from the books are read by the writers and poets, not just from Montenegro but also from the countries from the region and from abroad. Kotor is filled with children and their parents, who joyously walk around, singing the newest child compositions, and observing the child programs.

International fashion festival

International fashion festival – during July Kotor is more and more recognized for fashion happenings. The fashion festival lasts for several days and it gathers fashion designers from Montenegro, surrounding countries and from abroad. The dominant creators are the renowned Italian creators and their newest creations. The introspection of fashion exists in Kotor for already several years, and until now among others it received: Dolce & Gabanna, Pal Zileri, Prada, Armani, Ferre, Versace etc. Beside the devotes of modern fashion trends and nice dressing, on those days Kotor is also a meeting place of businessman, actors, owners of the fashion industries, and other personalities from the world of jet set.


Fasinada – is another manifestation, which is held in July in Kotor, more specifically in the place called Perast. The festivity includes the ritual procession which is made of decorated boats and barges, which traditionally goes around the Island Gospa od Skrpjela in Perast. The festivity of FASINADA includes also the traditional decant of stones, which are brought to the island by the barges, and then thrown out around the shore. The festivity, which is followed by the folk music, is performed by men solely. According to an old custom, in the evening hours on the island a fish dinner is being prepared.

August in Kotor is also in the sign of numerous festivities. The atmosphere of the winter happenings, into the summer ones, is being transferred by the INTERNATIONAL SUMMER FESTIVAL, held in August. Like the winter carnival, the summer carnival is intended for fun and celebration in the streets and on the squares of Kotor. This manifestation has been created in the last few years, in order to depict to the tourists the pleasure of the street parties and to give them the possibility of sensing the spirit of Kotor and the joy which lasts in that town for centuries. Numerous carnival groups take part in the carnival, and on those days Kotor is a reminder that with certainty it is a town of great importance.

Bokeska noc (Boka’s night)

Bokeska noc (Boka’s night) – is another August manifestation in Kotor, known for the boat defile, which are being decorated for days. The boats cruise along the Kotor harbor, in a defile, decorated with the lampions. At the same time when the decorated barges move one behind the other slowly, on Kotor squares we have party, music, dance and joyous atmosphere. At the end of the night the best decorated barge is being chosen, and Boka’s night ends with a solemn fireworks.

International music clapper meeting

International music clapper meeting – music festivity held at the end of August, which has the meeting of the competitors in the clapper singing. This festivity is held in the place called Perast, close to Kotor. Clapper singing is a special kind of musical expression, that is, of singing, which is common for the areas of the South Adriatic, that is, it is prevalent in Dalmatia, and Boka Kotorska. The clappers from Montenegro are joined by the clappers from Croatia, in the traditional folk singing. Manifestation usually lasts for three days, and it has the characteristics of a competition.

Among the first, Kotor started the organization of the New Year’s holidays in the open. People from Kotor are still loyal to that tradition. During the several days of the New Year’s holidays (31st December, 1st and 2nd January), people from Kotor are being entertained on the Kotor squares by the local pop, rock and other music bands and gatherings. Those are mostly young, and most probably future great Montenegrin talents.